Mangrove helps independent equity sponsors get their deals done and has the operating experience to help build shareholder value beyond what the commodity of cash can provide.

Mangrove enjoys a reputation of being a flexible, fair, and effective partner to independent equity sponsors who bring opportunities and operational or other strategic value. Our three-man internal operating team has a long track record of helping to build shareholder value in the portfolio companies in which we invest. We are also able to leverage our extensive deal experience to overcome complexity and get deals done. Mangrove has the captive financial resources (including bridge capabilities), deal experience, and entrepreneurial attitude to efficiently close transactions.



Over 160 transactions across 60+ industries earns credibility with owner/operators, particularly since we often have experience/understanding and references in their industry

More than the Commodity of Cash:

Our Three-Man Internal Operating Team has been instrumental in helping build shareholder value in the companies we invest

Ability to GET DEALS DONE:

Our 100+ years of collective experience helps get transactions across the finish line quickly, even with companies/situations that are complex

Quick and Frank Feedback:

We believe in providing quick and frank feedback to unfunded equity sponsors regarding our interest in your deal, and what specific advantages Mangrove brings to a particular niche industry or situation

Fair and Flexible:

Mangrove has an outsized national reputation for being people of our word and who do the right thing. We have gone above and beyond contractual obligations for our partners when appropriate and well deserved

In The Words of Our Partners

“We wanted a partner with strong operating capabilities, who knew how to help small businesses scale operations to the next level. ( read more… )”
Douglas Smith — Managing Partner, Hunter Equity Capital, LLC