Owners & Management Teams

“The Mangrove team helped our company define strategies which were key
to growing our company following the economic downturn of 2008 / 2009.
They encouraged us to build a true sales culture within the organization which resulted in increasing sales, higher profitability, and ultimately improved customer satisfaction. Most importantly, Matt and his team were always available to provide operational assistance and keep us focused on achieving our goals and objectives.”

Dale Dutcher
Gayesco International Inc.

“Bringing in Mangrove to partner with our management team was a great decision for IGS. Mangrove provided more than just capital; they worked with us side-by-side in supporting our growth strategies, offering valuable insight, experience, and direction from their years of relevant partnership experience. They helped us define our business goals through the implementation of regular strategic planning processes, which they began and my management team continued.  Mangrove has always been sensitive to our culture and good to
our people, As a leader of a growing mid-sized company, I place a high value on dedicated resources to help me deal with the wide array of business challenges I face every day, and they have truly provided that kind of support to me and IGS, allowing us to triple our profits in just a few years.”

Rich Crawford
Integrated Global Services, Inc.

“After 25 years we were ready to reduce our stress with the running of the company, take some chips off the table, and begin the process of easing into retirement. We met with several different companies during this process, Mangrove was different. They were concerned with growing Excalibur to be sure, but they were also concerned with continuing the values and culture that had served us well for decades. Mangrove didn’t just jump in and control the day to day operations of Excalibur, they stood back and assisted us with their expertise, while letting us do what we did best. Over the years we increased profitability under their care and realized several earnouts in the process, and Excalibur became a very desirable company. After the sale was completed, we realized nearly as much money as the initial sale to Mangrove 4 years prior. Kath and I are now just helping out with the new company in an advisory function while we enjoy our retirement. We can’t recommend Mangrove any higher after our experience with them, and we will still retain personal relationships with them
as time goes by. They are top shelf folks, don’t be afraid to join with them if you are looking for an exit strategy or partner for growth.”

Bill Troubridge
Excalibur Crossbow

Operating Partners:

“My dealings with the Mangrove team has been a very good experience. Members of the Mangrove team identified an attractive opportunity to bring me in as CEO with meaningful ownership in the nation’s leading manufacturer of disposables and consumables for environmental labs. This opportunity was created by the desire of the founder to return to his first love; product development. The deal was completed and I found the Mangrove team members to be people of their word during the sale process and ownership period. They were effective and supportive partners. The folks at Mangrove are mindful of cultural fit and found a way to meet the founder’s wishes while creating an exciting opportunity for me.”

Dennis Pope
Retired CEO
Environmental Express, Inc.


“Options are abundant for business owners when it comes to capital but where Mangrove stands out is in the partnership and operational approach to building businesses. This combination allows for flexible solutions and creates an enjoyable atmosphere to fully take advantage of growth opportunities.”

Sven A. Kins
Cook M&A Advisory Services

“It’s not capital that is in short supply….it’s expertise, operating know-how as regarding efficiency, processes, systems, international growth opportunities, and the ability to work with seasoned owners to implement those improvements. The Partners & Associates at Mangrove bring a wealth of operating experience to their portfolio companies, which is as valuable as or more so than mere financial wherewithal. There is literally a Trillion Dollars in Private Equity capital looking for a home.

It’s not capital that is in short supply….it’s expertise, operating know-how as to systems, determining real-world growth opportunities and the ability to work with seasoned owners to implement those strategies. Equally as important is personality and character. The folks at Mangrove are a pleasure to have dinner with….they well understand entrepreneurs as they are themselves cut from the same cloth. The Client who we represented in the sale & recapitalization to Mangrove was very pleased with the outcome; at the time of closing and years later when they cashed in their equity stake. Mangrove did exactly what they said they’d do when they said they’d do it. As a practitioner representing private business owners since 1986 I can unequivocally recommend Mangrove as a great financial & growth partner.”

Robert W. Scarlata
White Horse Partners, LLC

“It is with pleasure that I get the chance to speak about Mangrove Equity. I have known some of the partners for over 15 years. When I first entered the M&A world, the partners at Mangrove became my biggest supporters. They understood the value of having a network of competent, hardworking investment bankers who could support them in the process of finding acquisitions for them. However, they also realized the responsibility of being good partners with the bankers. This meant that they had to give more than just commissions in order to build the partnership. We at Mad River Associates have always considered our private equity clients as our partners. No one has lived up to that responsibility better than Mangrove Equity.

The other issue we have with representing private equity clients is making sure they come across as honest, forthright, intelligent buyers. Down to earth, likable but smart are a few of the adjectives that best describe the guys at Mangrove. I have never walked away from a deal or conversation between them and a potential seller feeling embarrassed. They say what they will do and then more importantly they do what they say. If they do not feel they can be of service to a potential seller, they tell them up front and do not waste time. What is good for me as an investment banker is that in most cases, they will open their Rolodex to help find the correct buyer for the business. This is what true partnering is about.

In one acquisition we did with Mangrove there were some challenging needs on the part of the seller. We identified those issues with Mangrove prior to their meeting and asked if they could accommodate them. They did their research and came prepared to the meeting to show that they were competent and had the expertise to significantly help the owner grow his business. They exited that business with a huge gain to the owner who had become their partner. A big homerun for both parties and me as the investment banker.

Integrity, honesty, smart, responsible, fair and generous should be words always associated with this group. It is an honor and pleasure to work with them. It is not often that your clients become your friends, but it is a privilege to call Mangrove our good friends.”

Robert K. Sahlman
Mad River Associates

Independent Sponsors:

“There were a number of factors involved in HEC’s decision to partner with
MEP in the acquisition of Tioga. We wanted a partner with strong operating capabilities, who knew how to help small businesses scale operations to the next level.  Experience in the lower middle market and the capability to close
a transaction quickly and efficiently were musts. Lastly, finding a partner
who we could count on to stick to its word and work through the inevitable hiccups in a deal process narrowed the field to a very short list. Mangrove represented all that we were looking for in a partner and one year into the deal it is apparent they were the right choice. MEP has continued to act as a true partner, consistently keeping HEC’s interests in mind regardless of situation.”

Douglas Smith
Managing Partner
Hunter Equity Capital, LLC

Our Partnerships

Owners & Management Teams
Owners & Management Teams
Owners & Management Teams
Mangrove enjoys a long history of partnering with owners and management teams to achieve their goals.

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Operating Partners
Operating Partners
Operating Partners
Three of the seven principals at Mangrove are seasoned operators themselves. We speak the same language and have the internal resources and experience to help operators purchase leading companies.

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Timely response, experience in a vast range of industries, performance when faced with complexity, and a partner-like attitude in all dealings make Mangrove a valuable partner to intermediaries.

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Independent Equity Sponsors
Independent Equity Sponsors
Independent Equity Sponsors
Mangrove helps independent equity sponsors get their deals done and has the operating experience to help build shareholder value beyond what the commodity of cash can provide.

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