Mangrove Acquires Concut in Support of Dixie Diamond

Mangrove Equity Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of Concut, Inc. in support of Mangrove’s portfolio company, Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

Concut Aquisition

Concut is a Kent, WA based designer, manufacturer, and specialty provider of diamond saw blades, core bits, and equipment. The strategic value of adding Concut to Dixie Diamond Manufacturing includes:

  • The investment doubled the size of Dixie
  • The addition of yet another strong, long-respected brand name in the industry
  • Establishes a strong presence in the pacific northwest, west coast, and rocky mountain regions to complement Dixie Diamond’s dominance in the eastern U.S.
  • Affords Dixie and Concut the ability to better serve our customers through fulfillment of orders from either our west coast or east coast facilities
  • Revenue synergies through product cross-selling opportunities
  • Provides entry into the new end market of products for the grinding and grooving of concrete

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