Mangrove Announces Investment in Wear-Concepts

Mangrove is pleased to announce our latest platform investment in Wear-Concepts, Inc., a Liberty, Missouri-based provider of mission critical maintenance and repair products and services for heavy industrial and commercial customers.

The company focuses on the design, manufacture, sale and installation of wear, abrasion and corrosion resistant materials and components primarily used to protect materials handling equipment. Wear-Concepts’ custom-tailored solutions are utilized in maintenance and repair applications across a broad range of heavy industrial and commercial end markets, including cement, power generation, agriculture, steel, mining and paper. Wear-Concepts enjoys strong long-term relationships with its customers, who rely on the company for its expertise and experience and who have consistent, reoccurring needs for its products and services.

Dennis Todd, Wear-Concepts’ founder and President, shared, “It has been an immense source of pride to witness the growth of Wear-Concepts over the last 27 years. This success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and a reflection of the trust and loyalty of our valued customers. We are excited to partner with Mangrove to leverage their operational expertise and drive future growth.”

Mangrove, Dennis Todd and the rest of the Wear-Concepts team are excited about the company’s growth opportunities, which include expanding sales and marketing efforts, bolstering field services capabilities, growing into adjacent end markets and products and the potential to acquire other businesses with complementary products and services.

Mangrove is an ideal partner for Wear-Concepts due to our:

  • Significant relevant experience with businesses that provide mission-critical products and services to industrial facilities during seasonal plant turnarounds, and the resulting ability to support Wear-Concepts’ continued success and growth in those environments
  • Willingness, openness and creativity to delve into trends in the company’s demand drivers, end-markets and related external influences to structure a transaction that accomplished Dennis Todd’s goals
  • Resources and experience supporting entrepreneur-owned businesses in building scale, growing their teams and developing valuable internal systems
  • Strong cultural alignment with a long track record of doing the right thing

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