Mangrove Announces Investment in Sharp Tooling Solutions

Mangrove Equity Partners is pleased to announce its investment in Sharp Tooling Solutions, Inc., a premier manufacturer of high-precision custom tooling, serving the global automotive and aerospace markets.

Sharp Tooling Solutions

“I’m excited to have Mangrove as my new partner. This partnership provides Sharp Tooling Solutions with valuable operational support and helps assure the company’s long-term health and stability for the benefit of our employees and customers,” said Roger Walker, founder and CEO of Sharp Tooling Solutions.

Mangrove is an uncommonly good fit for Sharp, Roger Walker and the Sharp team due to:

  • Mangrove’s ability to see beyond conventional concerns regarding investing in Tier 1 suppliers, including tooling, to automotive OEMs
    • Mangrove studied the specific demand drivers of Sharp Tooling’s esoteric niche and sees opportunity that others overlooked
  • Our comfort with customer concentration following focused market research and customer due diligence
  • Our strong cultural fit with Sharp
  • Mangrove’s ability to provide meaningful operational support to Roger and his team as they continue to grow the business and pursue opportunities for material growth and diversification

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We hope to have the pleasure of working closely with you.