Mangrove Announces the Sale of Tioga HVAC Rentals

Mangrove Equity Partners is pleased to announce the sale of Tioga HVAC Rentals, a specialty renter and manufacturer of temporary, portable, industrial heating, cooling and dehumidification equipment.

With the sale of Tioga, Mangrove has enjoyed another successful partnership with a strong management team and an independent sponsor. Mangrove’s uncommon ability to help our partners build value was evident at Tioga where we and our partners in the investment:

Tioga Air Heaters

  • Completed the management transition of the former owner/CEO (in accordance with his goals for the transaction) and hired key members of the management team;
  • Successfully acquired and integrated two complementary businesses (Reliable Construction Heaters and Mobile Air), diversifying end-market and seasonal concentrations and expanding geographic reach while tripling the size of the company;
  • Implemented a sophisticated rental fleet management software system; and
  • Provided analytics to discern the ideal rental fleet size and composition and invested significant capital to expand the fleet for growth.

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We hope to have the pleasure of working closely with you.