Computer Aided Technology Sale Announcement

Computer Aided Tecehnology

Computer Aided Technology is a leading provider of 3D design and product development solutions and services including SolidWorks 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software and Stratasys 3D printers.

Mangrove worked closely with Computer Aided Technology (“CATI”) to effect changes collaboratively identified during strategic planning sessions.

  • Supported substantial expansion of the management team, including scoping of and recruiting for positions
  • Worked with the leadership group to lead an industry consolidation doubling the original platform with two acquisitions shortly after closings
  • Materially involved in full-scale integration of employee organizational structure, business processes and accounting and CRM systems
  • Instituted a new services evaluation process that drove a broadening of CATI’s service and product offerings
  • These and other value creation initiatives helped to drive meaningful value for CATI’s owner/operators who’ve retained ownership became more valuable than their “first bite of the apple.”
We are fortunate to develop strong and lasting relationships with our management teams as we did with the CATI team. Please see the below quote from Rich Werneth, CEO of Computer Aided Technology.
“We saw trends in our industry towards consolidation and needed a partner to help us maximize the opportunity. We met several different private equity teams during the process and wanted more than just access to capital.
Our clients are in the manufacturing space and the dynamics of the business can be somewhat complex. The Mangrove team had direct experience that gave them an understanding of the impact our solutions had within our customers’ businesses. During the process, we met a variety of folks from their team and what impressed us most was not only the fact that they were a smart and talented bunch, but that the culture was so consistent.
One would imagine that with some PE groups a pre-transaction experience can be very different post-transaction. We had a tremendously positive experience with Mangrove from day one through the end of the investment. It is clearly about more than just numbers with their team; it is about trust, character and leaving companies that they touch in a better place than where they started.”

Mangrove Equity Partners:  More than the Commodity of Cash. Mangrove’s four-man internal operating team affords us an ability to leverage their extensive experience working closely with our portfolio company partners to overcome hurdles to growth, and to optimize shareholder value. We roll up our sleeves and work with intermediaries to do what is necessary to move good deals forward, even in the face of company or deal complexity. We hope to have the pleasure of working closely with you.