Mangrove is pleased to announce its latest investment

Mangrove Equity Partners is Pleased to Announce its Investment in a Municipal and Commercial Solid Waste Hauling Company

This undisclosed business represents Mangrove’s latest investment in a mission-critical service niche. Mangrove is partnering with a highly experienced independent sponsor and an industry veteran. We are well positioned to be an ideal partner for the company and our new partners by virtue of our core competency of helping distributed field service businesses scale and perform with excellence and our significant experience working collaboratively with independent sponsors.
This investment, which was a simultaneous acquisition and consolidation of two separately-owned businesses, is a strong example of our willingness and ability to find value where others may not and work through complexity to get deals done. Some key highlights include: ​​​

  • Mangrove closed on a rapid timeline of less than 30 days, which included the Christmas and New Years’ holidays, during the pandemic;
  • In that accelerated timeline, Mangrove rolled up our sleeves to complete significant internal diligence and complex analysis to confirm comfort with a transaction that featured esoteric complexities;
  • Mangrove took a long-term view and applied a pragmatic approach to 11th hour challenges and thorny negotiating issues that threatened to derail the transaction;
  • We provided meaningful support to our independent sponsor partner to help finalize debt financing (with a Mangrove-friendly lender) and close the transaction within a challenging seller-imposed deadline; and
  • Mangrove will bring to bear our considerable experience and record of success with consolidations/integrations in highly fragmented industries such as this. Mangrove is a particularly strong partner for the heavy lifting involved with consolidations, given our internal operating capabilities and capacity.

​​Mangrove Equity Partners: More Than the Commodity of Capital. The Mangrove team works hard to be your go-to private equity fund in the lower middle market by leveraging our four-partner internal operating team and extensive experience to get deals done and build enduring value. We roll up our sleeves and work with intermediaries to do what is necessary to move good deals forward, even in the face of company or deal complexity.