Partnering with two industry innovators

We are pleased to announce our latest transaction in which we are partnering with two industry innovators in a continued consolidation within their target industry/geography.

In accordance with the founders’ wishes and in the interest of strategic positioning, we must remain silent regarding the specific industry and company name. The founders are exceptionally strong operators having built a substantial business with EBITDA margins roughly 5x the industry average. Among other reasons, the founders chose to partner with Mangrove due to our uncommon history and experience with successful industry consolidations. This latest investment is the 126th transaction and 53rd industry for the Mangrove team.

Once again, Mangrove proved a willingness to work through complexity to get an opportune deal done. As always, our approach is to provide our partners with more than just cash. These differentiators are evident as we:

    • Worked through environmental and regulatory issues endemic to the industry


    • Closed this transaction with no third party debt as this particular deal required


    • Closed a relatively small platform, seeing the significant opportunity to pursue yet another industry consolidation backing extraordinary operators. Mangrove backed the founders in closing an add-on that grew the business by 10% in less than one week after the initial closing


  • Are working with management to create standardized tools that allow for the fast and efficient closing and integration of add-ons