Phillip Marks Joins the Mangrove Equity Team

Phillip MarksMangrove Equity Partners is pleased to announce the addition of Phillip Marks to our team.

Phillip is a graduate of the University of Florida. His passion for lower middle market companies and niche industries was spawned through his work with myriad private companies, focusing on their human capital management.

Phillip is an inveterate sports hound, which in his early career led him to work as a sportscaster and producer.

At Mangrove, Phillip works closely with Glenn Oken in identifying appropriate investment opportunities, and advancing them through Mangrove’s new deal process.

As a reminder, Mangrove is an uncommonly experienced and active lower middle market private equity fund. Our four man internal operating team has a stellar track record of adding meaningful value to portfolio companies and helping Mangrove to be chosen by owner/operators, given their backgrounds and the value that they bring.


Mangrove Acquires Concut in Support of Dixie Diamond

Mangrove Equity Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of Concut, Inc. in support of Mangrove’s portfolio company, Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

Concut Aquisition

Concut is a Kent, WA based designer, manufacturer, and specialty provider of diamond saw blades, core bits, and equipment. The strategic value of adding Concut to Dixie Diamond Manufacturing includes:

  • The investment doubled the size of Dixie
  • The addition of yet another strong, long-respected brand name in the industry
  • Establishes a strong presence in the pacific northwest, west coast, and rocky mountain regions to complement Dixie Diamond’s dominance in the eastern U.S.
  • Affords Dixie and Concut the ability to better serve our customers through fulfillment of orders from either our west coast or east coast facilities
  • Revenue synergies through product cross-selling opportunities
  • Provides entry into the new end market of products for the grinding and grooving of concrete 

Mangrove Equity Partners: More Than the Commodity of Cash. The Mangrove team works hard to be your go-to private equity fund in the lower middle market by leveraging our extensive experience (135 deals across 60 industries) to make decisions and get deals done.


Mangrove to Make Non-Control Investments

Over the past 27 years, we have heard from investment banking/intermediary friends who feel a profound need in the market for a seasoned private equity partner who is willing to invest in minority positions in smaller companies while bringing the kind of meaningful operating assistance that Mangrove’s four-man internal operating team brings to our majority investing.

Accordingly, Mangrove will now invest in both majority and minority stakes in mature, profitable companies with meaningful competitive advantages and stable cashflow.


Computer Aided Technologies in the Acquisition of MCAD Technologies

Computer Aided Technologies and MCAD

Mangrove Equity Partners is pleased to announce our recent partnership with Computer Aided Technology, LLC (“CATI”) and MCAD Technologies, Inc (“MCAD”), to create one of the nation’s largest value added resellers of SolidWorks 3D computer aided design software and Stratasys 3D printers.

The combination of CATI and MCAD created the nation’s only SolidWorks/Stratasys VAR covering all four Continental U.S. time zones.

Highlights of Mangrove’s partnering with these companies include:

  • Supported CATI and our portfolio partners through the add-on acquisition of MCAD, increasing the company’s EBITDA by 60% within 6 months of our partnership.
  • The add-on was non-dilutive of CATI management’s ownership, and expanded CATI’s geographic reach and customer industry diversification.
  • Our majority recapitalization with CATI evidenced Mangrove’s flexibility, as we supported the plans of one owner/manager to retire, while allowing other owner/managers to continue running the business with the support of Mangrove’s four-person internal operating team. 
  • Closed and facilitated financing despite extreme supplier concentration inherent in the industry, having built strong relations with the suppliers.

Mangrove Equity Partners: More Than the Commodity of Cash. The Mangrove team works hard to be your go-to private equity fund in the lower middle market by leveraging our extensive experience (132 deals across 59 industries) to make decisions quickly and get deals done.


Mangrove – 2015 A Great Year

2015: A Great Year

  • An NFL team narrowly missed a perfect season (congrats friends in Charlotte).
  • Presidential debates became the latest version of reality TV (to entertain and horrify).
  • Mangrove Equity Partners closed six highly attractive acquisitions in spite of a very competitive environment.

In 2015, the Mangrove team was pleased to partner with three new platform companies and their management teams while supporting existing portfolio companies through three add-on acquisitions.

These transactions reflected Mangrove’s geographic reach throughout the U.S. and Canada; we completed deals in Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Denver, and Las Vegas. In some cases, the add-ons were as large as their respective platform companies.