Mangrove Announces Investment in Steam Turbine Alternative Resources, Inc. “STAR”


Steam Turbine Alternative Resources, Inc is a Marion, Ohio-based business engaged in high-precision manufacturing and field installation of replacement parts for high-capacity steam and gas turbines. STAR specializes in manufacturing and installing custom turbine seals known as “packing rings,” which are critical wear parts that have a significant impact on the performance and efficiency of turbines.


Mangrove/Sunlake close valuable add-on during COVID-19

PPS Makes Third Investment in U.S. Security Industry with Acquisition of Internal Security Associates, LLC


Patrol Protect Secure, Inc. is pleased to announce its third investment in the U.S. contract security industry with the acquisition of Internal Security Associates, LLC (“ISA”). ISA is a leading provider of security services in Boston MA, primarily focused on public sector customers, including state agency offices, courthouses, and government buildings. The Company is differentiated from its competitors through its service quality, highly trained employees, and professional management team.


Mangrove Announces Investment in Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC


Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC is a Watertown, New York-based provider of specialized, mission-critical airfield maintenance services throughout North America and the Caribbean. Hi-Lite offers innovative and sustainable maintenance solutions to support airport operations and safety management and to ensure compliance with stringent FAA and ICAO regulations.