The Mangrove Team Closes on a New Platform in Our 55th Industry

Mangrove Equity Partners is pleased to announce the recapitalization of another passion-oriented branded consumer product company. Honoring the founder’s wishes, we will be light on details for now, other than to share that it is a leader in producing top-quality products that serve an activity about which its customers are impassioned.

While the majority of the now 55 industries in which the Mangrove team has invested have been industrial manufacturers and service providers, we have done quite well in the branded consumer sector as well. As was the case with our investments in the crossbow, auto-aftermarket, pet products, and pre-natal vitamin sectors, we liked this strongly-positioned branded consumer company because their customers are impassioned about their products and the activities they support. We believe that the demand drivers, and customer loyalty in passion niches lend more stability than in typical consumer sectors. Moreover, we feel that channels of distribution tend to be more diverse and less big -box dependent in such niches.

Once again, Mangrove worked through complexity, and closed on this new platform within 30 days of learning about the opportunity. Mangrove’s internal operating partners are already working with the company’s owner/operators to optimize operations and fully capitalize on growth opportunities.